Alison Ingram BA (Hons) SAA

Alison is a professional wildlife artist and has been developing her distinctive style for over 20 years. She is well known for her unique interpretation of wildlife and has won many awards.
Most of her paintings are of the British wildlife that she encounters.

One of Alison’s large paintings, ‘Stag and Swallows’, is owned by Horsham Museum and is on permanent display. ‘Tyto alba’ was donated to Nature in Art Museum in Gloucester and is currently on display.

Alison’s passion for wildlife is reflected in her work and shows her understanding of animal and bird behaviour, and their interaction with the environment.

Alison is very interested in conservation and protecting local habitats for the wildlife that feature in her paintings. Alison has been helping with ‘Wild about Warnham,’ a village project to raise awareness about environmental issues and reverse biodiversity loss at a local level. Alison is leading the swift project. Alison often has young swifts and swallows in her care in the summer months, which are reared and released. Swifts are a very popular subject for her paintings which depict the speed, agility and grace of the swift within its element.

Alison exhibits annually at Birdfair in Rutland Water and regularly at Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, so consequently paints a lot of birds.  She is also a popular and regular Artist in Residence at Nature in Art, Gloucester. She is on the committee for the Association of Sussex Artists and a founding member of Horsham Artists. She also exhibits regularly at Warnham Nature Reserve. Alison is a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists in the USA and has paintings in collections in the USA, The Netherlands and Finland.

Tel: 01403 263179 / 0791 9090194