Andre P Westerdijk

Recycling and upcycling are hobbies that have always interested me a great deal. As a student I found offcuts of drain and soil pipes that were constantly thrown away at a building site close to home, so I took them home and turned them into lamps, and this started my passion. After graduating unfortunately there was less time to do any work with upcycling, however a few years ago the love was rekindled and I never looked back.

As frequent visitor to car boot sales and auctions I had collected so many beautiful but sadly no longer useful items that needed a new lease of life. I was running out of space and then it daunted on me, that in order to keep these items in the lime light they deserved, they needed a new lease of live to prevent them from being thrown away. So I started to upcycle some of the vintage items into lamps. It now gives me great pleasure to put items out of context, and see a smile on someone’s face when they look at my creations and hear them say; “Wow, I would not have thought of that” or “I remember that, my …. used to have one of those.”
Now I can’t stop looking for Pre-owned vintage/antique objects and materials and thinking what useful creations to make out of them.

Tel: 07867 520499