Ange Dow


I have enjoyed a wide variety of arts and crafts throughout my life. Initially, I began with pencil portraiture during my student days. When work and family life took centre stage, my focus and productivity declined. However, in more recent years, I have found myself with more time and have, consequently, reignited my passion for creating art. A chance viewing of a YouTube video sparked a desire to try working in acrylics and I have not looked back!

I find immense joy in producing, often large, abstract images. Having a background in science and microbiology, I like to draw inspiration from the natural world and types of microscopic subjects. I reflect on the beauty that can be observed at a cellular level. I am fascinated by the process my paintings undergo to reach their final design and am always delighted by the element of balance between me, as the artist, and the fluidity of the paints I have chosen.


Tel: 07715 420302