Anne Lim

Working with the ancient art of felt-making allows me unlimited freedom to create using shapes, colour and most of my pieces are embellished with beads and embroidery.

My pieces of wet felting tend to evolve in an organic way and can include techniques such as free-motion machine embroidery and needle felting. I like to include beading and silk fabric and enjoy the contrast between the soft, often subdued tones of the felt and the hard, shiny nature of glass beads. It is interesting to explore the different textures that can be achieved. My inspiration comes mostly from nature, the sea and plant life.

Being such a versatile medium, felt can be used to make 3d items such as vessels and sculptures, clothing and jewellery. I spent many years making and teaching reproduction antique doll-making which by its nature is quite restrictive. 

Working with felt gives so much freedom to create and explore colour, texture and shape whilst being able to draw on my creative experience


Tel: 07921 763381