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Cherry Parsons Art

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Cherry Parsons Art

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I was born and bred in Horsham and have always enjoyed being creative. I came late to higher education when I accompanied my eldest daughter to her interview at Northbrook College, Worthing (now Greater Brighton Metropolitan College). After a meeting with the Head Tutor, I was offered a place to study alongside my ‘surprisingly’ delighted daughter.


I have, now, exhibited my work many times. From Horsham Museum to a month-long solo exhibition in Brighton last year.  I also accept commissions and have produced Mural artworks which are on display at Sedgwick House and Springfield Park in Horsham. I am a member of Horsham Artists,  and through them have also held many successful Open House exhibitions.


Working mainly in acrylics or oils, I enjoy creating portraiture, seascapes and landscapes. My work incorporates light, reflections, water or humour.

This range of characterful seagulls provides me with a mental rest from the concentration of my other artwork. They make me smile, and I hope they make you smile too.


I have always sold greetings cards to accompany my artwork. I am keen to make art affordable to all. Excitingly, a collection of eye-catching umbrellas have been made to complement the Seagull Range.

Having spent much of my time caring for children, parents and beautiful grandchildren, I am now revelling in having the time and space to indulge my passion.


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