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Deborah Ann Crago

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Deborah Ann Crago

Floral Artist

I am a floral artist living in Horsham. I am originally from Cornwall but after finishing my textile degree at Loughborough University (where I specialised in weave) I worked in both Sussex and London as an interior textile designer for more than fifteen years.  I have worked as both a freelance and in-house designer selling to some of the world’s luxury interior textile companies. However, over the last four years I have been drawn back to my love of drawing and I find flowers irresistible! I enjoyed drawing from a young age and even now my artworks are created using either graphite or watercolour pencils. I find that pencils allow me to capture the detail that I find so interesting. My artworks are all inspired from the beauty, variety and intricacy of flowers. I find them fascinating and I love studying them as I draw. I choose to draw flowers in isolation so that there is no distraction from the main subject, it is my way of putting the flowers in the spotlight. ‘Horsham School of Botanical Art’ was founded in 2019 and I am proud to say that I was chosen to be one of its members. My graphite drawings are magnified sections of flowers.  My intention is to enable the viewer to look at a specific flower in a more intimate way.  By removing the distraction of colour, I aim to show the detail, patterns and form that may not have been observed in such a way before.  I also love the sheen that the graphite leaves on the paper, giving the artwork a luxurious finish. With my background in textiles, I still love working with fabric and I use the sewing machine as another means of drawing. Again, these artworks incorporate flowers, except with these textile pieces I use real flowers to create unique and delicate artworks. My love of gardens and the countryside provides me with endless inspiration. There is always a plant or leaf that inspires me to draw or embroider it when I am out on a walk! I have recently produced a selection of limited edition prints, cards and keyrings, as well as working on commissions of bridal bouquets, for special wedding and anniversary gifts. If you would like to find out more, you can email me at: or follow me on face book: and Instagram: @deborah_crago   Events for 2020: Cancelled: June 2020 - Art Trail, Horsham (6th & 7th, 13th & 14th)   Events in 2019: October 2019 - HAOS Art Fair, Horsham July - September 2019 - 'A garden of botanical art', Horsham Museum June 2019 - Art Trail, Horsham   Previous events: My degree work was exhibited in several galleries across England and featured in Gardens illustrated magazine.  I have also worked on a couple of commissions including a piece for The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

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