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Having come from a background of teaching Resistant Materials for some 25 years at a large comprehensive school, pursuing an interest in Silversmithing, was an ideal route to take on retirement. Before full retirement, I had already started classes with a brilliant metal smith and ex chairman of the Sussex Guild. Who better to spend the next 9 years with.

As a creator who is never satisfied with the skills acquired, there is nothing that motivates me more than learning new skills and techniques, so when an opportunity arose to learn enamelling on silver, I couldn’t resist. Again, to learn from someone whose work is exhibited at the Victoria and Albert museum, I knew I could not go wrong.

My love of colour is what inspires much of my work, hence my use of a variety of precious and semi-precious stones, much of which are supplied by an ethical top gem dealer, who I was lucky enough to be introduced to; a requirement before being able to make purchases. To do justice to these fine gems, I like to apply a range of stone-setting styles, and to help perfect this, I received a certificate for a course on advanced diamond-setting techniques at the London Goldsmiths Centre.

Organic shapes and styles are also an influence on my work, so the use of raw stones is something I like to incorporate in some of my designs, while still making use of traditional silversmithing techniques.

I am particularly proud of my unique Dinner Table range, which is based on a grape-vine made in silver, and includes many items that would grace any dinner table, or make an ideal wedding or anniversary gift. This idea is continually being developed to expand new designs.



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