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Dominic Simpson

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Dominic Simpson

artist and designer

Since graduating from the Central School of Art and Design with a degree in design, I have worked as a creative professional in industry and consultancy. For as long as I can remember, my reaction to visiting art exhibitions and galleries is ‘I would like to have a go at that!’

Having completed additional art study at The College of Richard Collyer under tutors John Thompson and Helen Bolger, my art now sits comfortably alongside my design business as I explore a variety media and content.

I produce contemporary impressionist painting, with vibrant colour and lighting contrast. It’s important to me that my artwork is accurate in it’s representation, however, my overall aim is to capture an impression and emotion that connects with the viewer.


My particular focus is in creating art about sport. Sport generates drama and heroes that inspire and connects people from all cultures. I pick subjects that I believe in and can relate to . . . characters, scenes and objects that have significance to me.

I get my best ideas when I’m out cycling the hills of West Sussex. The fresh air and exercise frees the mind and stimulates my energy and creativity.

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