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Edith Pargh Barton

  • Painting, Sculpture, Textiles

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Edith Pargh Barton BA

paintings and fabric sculptures

Edith’s work reveals a joy in playing with paint and fabric, a delight in the unusual; of existing in between the real and the imaginary.  Her textile sculptures have human like qualities that people connect with emotionally.  Her paintings depict landscapes that are familiar – yet – strange; they are journeys into a dream-like place created out of personal memories whilst also remaining rooted in the observation of the world around her.


Born in New York, Edith obtained a BA in Art at Long Island University.  After graduating and taking courses in Illustration and Graphic Design at The School of Visual Arts, Manhattan, she went on to California State University to study welding, metal forging, weaving, leather crafting and quilting whilst teaching Art in High School to underprivileged teenagers.  She has taught mixed media workshops through community programs and has had several residencies in schools and the community.She was a member of The Sussex Guild for 10 years and is presently a member of  PURE Arts and the Society of Embroidered Work.



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