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Heather Irvine

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Heather Irvine

I am a contemporary nature inspired artist depicting mainly wildlife, equestrian and canine subjects plus the odd human once in a while.

My work is based around the senses and emotions and has its roots firmly planted in impressionism with a dash of expressiveness using loose brushwork and energetic strokes whilst retaining the feeling of presence and place. Mainly working from my own imagination, I dabble in oils, acrylic, mixed media and charcoal for drawing using bold bright and often complimentary colours to experiment with composition and form. Movement plays a huge role in my work, the animals within it will always be ‘doing’ something, either naturally or as a metaphor for deeper meaning depending on where their journey takes me!  Either way, I try to be true to each individual.

Sketching is imperative and I watch and observe wildlife in its natural state wherever possible. The work should flourish with its own life on the canvas and often does mutate as I paint and draw - whatever happens then is instinct and lends itself to a far more organic and often spontaneous artwork.

I have exhibited for many years nationally with the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art (now EWA), The Society of Wildlife Artists at the Mall Galleries, London, been a finalist at the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year for over 6 years also at the Mall Galleries and been a category winner for two years and overall winner in 2012 of BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year. 

In 2020, I founded Artists for Painted Dogs, a collaboration of wildlife artists from across the world, coming together to raise funds and awareness for the Painted Dog (or wolf) and all wildlife by hosting online wildlife exhibitions.  Through this and several other solo projects, to date I have raised nearly £20,000 for several wildlife organisations across the world such as Wildlife ACT South Africa, Wildlife Conservation Volunteering in Africa | Wildlife ACT, Painted Dog Conservation Zimbabwe, Painted Dog Conservation and Painted Wolf Foundation, The Painted Wolf Foundation - A Wild Dog’s Life.  

Heather Irvine


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