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Janine Creaye

  • Drawing, Sculpture, Wood

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Janine Creaye

sculptor, public artist

I work in a number of different media but begin by making drawings directly from the natural world . I then produce sculptures by carving wood or stone, or constructing in wire and cement if I want to make a quicker response.  Subjects for sculpture may be formalised explorations of the human head to focus a mood, or more abstracted forms like shells, fish and stylized plants.  I am influenced by traditional Indian and South East Asian sculpture but also by medieval carvings in Europe.  In my work the aim is often to bring attention to elements of very ordinary natural things but to show them in a focussed and extraordinary way. This may be in formalising pattern, shape or overall interpretation.


The fish have other meanings as well as structure and fluidity. Fish are fed at many Buddhist and Hindu temples for merit, but also provide some mesmeric solace in private gardens, including my own. Much of my recent work has been commissioned for public sites like country parks, schools and hospitals with the pieces referring to themes which are relevant to that location. These are generally complex large scale projects leading to the creation of permanent public sculpture. However the whole foundation of my practice is in having time between these projects to create smaller and more experimental pieces not only in stone and wood but in other faster media and critically in drawing.





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