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Joanna Gill

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Joanna Gill

Textiles Artist

Hello, I'm Joanna Gill. I am a Textiles Screen Print Artist. I enjoy screen printing onto fabric and tee-shirts as well as painting with watercolours and paper dyes. 

I am inspired by most natural forms. Whether that be, fungus & plants in the forests to shells & animals in the sea.  One of my major influences is a Japanese term known as "wabi - sabi". This loosely translates to "finding the beauty, in the imperfections in life". It is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. From learning about this phrase, I have developed my artwork to concentrate on the textures and imperfections in nature. For example I mainly paint natural forms such as flowers, mushrooms, shells and leaves. 

To help showcase my art, I have taken part in exhibitions such as the Horsham Artist Fair and New Designers in Islington, London. 

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