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I am a contemporary mixed-media artist, working from my studio in Warnham.  I also have a base in Orford, on the Suffolk coast.

Largely self-taught, I have invested time in learning some of the more technical aspects of my craft, such as mould making and casting at the Sussex Sculpture Studio in Billingshurst.

Having worked as an educational professional for the majority of my career, I always enjoyed art as a leisure pursuit.

With the support of my partner Penny, I was able to begin my career as an artist full-time in 2010, completing my first series of witty three-dimensional boxed sculptures, entitled ‘The Drip Series’, early in 2011.

Each of my sculptures encapsulate a moment in time, involving the careful play of light with shadow, in which the focus of each piece is a seemingly simple, but dramatic, splash of colour.  My sculptures tell a story, but I like to leave a lot to the imagination of the viewer.  What also motivates me is seeing a smile develop when people look at my work!

I take inspiration from everyday people and things I see around me. The renovation of our cottage in Suffolk was the main inspiration for my ‘Drip Series’ and since then, my works have included ‘Vin Rouge’ in which spilled red wine is the focus; ‘Shades of…’ inspired by my favourite 1930’s photograph of construction workers in New York; ‘Absolutely Quackers’; ‘Beside the Seaside’ and a considerable range of unique commissions.

My artworks have been successfully exhibited in prestigious London Art Shows and International Art Fairs in the USA and Canada.





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