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Paul Baden

  • Sculpture, Wood

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Paul Baden

Plywood sculptor

West Sussex based wood sculptor, Paul Baden brings his cartographic experience of map making into his artwork. He specialises in wood carvings made from layered woods.

Paul’s lattice sculptures examine the relationships of space and the interconnectedness of things.

His sculptures create intriguing three dimensional landscapes for the hand and eyes to explore. They conjure up impressions of real or imagined places.

Paul apprenticed as a cartographic draughtsman drawing maps of near and far away places. Over time he found that cartography changed to become a digital analytical profession as opposed to an artistic one. He needed the creativity back in his life and began looking for a new artistic outlet. Paul’s a romantic at heart and still believes that art can be beautiful.

There is beauty in all things if you look hard enough. Plywood is an unloved utilitarian building material lorded for its strength and uniformity. Paul could see the possibilities of making art from plywood. He carves through the plies to reveal the hidden layers within that reminded him of contours on a map. Paul can’t think of a better medium for a cartographer to use for art and has been exploring new ways to show the beauty of this medium ever since.





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