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Rosemary Myles

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Rosemary Myles

Creator of mosaic jewellery

For the last six years I have been enjoying creating colourful mosaics for the home and garden, and just as I was experimenting with incorporating stained glass into my work and trying my hand at a detailed animal portrait,  an injury to my right arm meant I could no longer cut any tile or glass, or mix grout!!    So after a period of reflection and experimentation, I found myself venturing into creating jewellery with some of my smaller mosaic materials.  No cutting required!   I feel I am now in a transition from mosaics into creating jewellery.  This is going to be a steep learning curve but I am hoping that I can carry through some of the design skills I have gained over the last few years, into smaller scale work.

I am currently creating pendants incorporating micro mosaic, metal pieces and natural materials such as slate, and semi-precious stones.  My challenge for this year (and hopefully many more years to come) is to work with the exciting and amazing medium of silver clay to enable me to design and create my own silver work and open up a whole new world of jewellery design.



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