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Carole Rupniak

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Carole Rupniak

I live in rural Cowfold, painting full time, In between commissions, I paint landscapes, seascapes, and botanicals in either a contemporary or a realistic style. I also paint semi-abstract impressions of caves, woodlands and forests.

I have been painting for many years and when my children left home, I was able to throw myself into painting as a full time career.

I try to focus on giving atmosphere to a painting by gathering inspiration from having been somewhere and painting it as my own interpretation of what I saw.

Being outdoors in all weathers is inspirational for my work. I grew up in the foothills of the South Downs National Park in Sussex and spent a lot of time outdoors so having all that freedom to roam with a hands-on connection with nature, which was the bedrock of my creativity.


Carole Rupniak featuring on BBC News for 'Free Portraits for NHS Heroes'

Carole took part in the Free Portraits for NHS Heroes scheme in 2020, to support NHS staff on the frontline fighting the pandemic. The scheme was organised by Tom Croft via Instagram.

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