Ben Freeland

The way I work boils down to sitting, listening and looking. Then I just need to think everything through and eventually I arrive at my body of work. Different people produce their work for different reasons, but for me it’s very personal. The results of this can be a bit unsightly but I feel it’s very important to keep it real.

The most fascinating part of the process is seeing people interpreting your work differently from person to person, thus I try to make my work as multi-layered as possible.

This leads on to the philosophy at the core of my work; that painting is a window to the soul that allows one to experience the world vicariously. So by this logic you can make yourself immune to boredom from habit by absorbing and producing imaginative content.

I guess I have lofty ambitions, and I produce everything from my humble dining room. I’m only 20, triple BTEC at Collyers, and am looking forward to seeing where my ideas take me.

seeing where my ideas take me.


Tel: 07535 578858