Ceri Pennington

I am a sculptor who works predominantly in clay. I have cast several of my sculptures in bronze resin and created archaeologically experimental sculptures through stone carving. I also work using graphite on paper.

Through my artwork, I aim to understand anatomy through my palaeoart creations and to explore the human form through both sculpture and drawing.

I have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Archaeology which have strongly influenced my interest in archaeological art. I am especially interested in the art of facial reconstruction and the way in which these sculptures combine art and archaeology to bring the past to life and bring the viewer closer to earlier societies and individuals. This has strongly influenced my focus on the human form and the skull in particular.

My area of specialisation is the Palaeolithic which has been reflected through several of my works, including my sculpture ‘Shattered Visage’ depicting the skull of an archaic human.

I have previously exhibited at the Association of Sussex Artists Open Exhibition during the summer of 2017 and with the Oxford Art Society’s Summer Exhibition in 2022.

Web: https://dreambeneaththesea.co.uk/

Email: dreambeneaththesea.art@gmail.com