Claire Morris

Graduating from Chelsea School of Art with a degree in Sculpture, Claire soon discovered she had a natural affinity and passion for  carving and has since devoted her career to creating unique contemporary stone sculptures for the home and garden.

An immensely ancient, durable and fascinating  material to work with, she relishes the qualities of  many types of stone – from soft translucent alabaster to hard crisp limestone – the sculptures she makes are primarily abstract in design featuring organic fluid forms.

Much of Claire’s work is inspired by the integral shapes & colours contained in the materials, allowing the forms to emerge and develop throughout the carving. She enjoys exploring contrasting themes, one piece can be full of  dynamic movement & flow while another focuses on stillness & calm.

Claire exhibits regularly, has created public & private commissions and been a tutor in Adult Education for over 30 years.



Tel: 07759 412342