Colleen Conti

Colleen has loved landscape from an early childhood in the woods and mountains of Georgia USA to the rivers and spires of Oxford, and then the rolling South Downs and coast of Sussex. She takes inspiration from both the broad expanse and the intimate close-up. In her work she contemplates dappled light and shade through trees and reflections in water, the rapidly transforming viewpoint enjoyed when cycling along country lanes, and the tranquil immersion of swimming in lakes or sea, the irresistible pull of a winding foot- path, the mysteries of where it might lead, and the feet which have trodden it through the years.

Colleen taught Art for 34 years and was the Head of an Art Department for 24 of them. She retired in 2020 to paint full-time and to fulfil the dream of having a studio to work in. Having the time to develop her practice has enabled Colleen to explore different media, technique and approach, and her work has undergone considerable development in the last couple of years, moving from broadly representational towards abstraction. All Colleen’s work is closely related to landscape even when it is not immediately obvious, there is an absorption in the essential colours, shapes, and textures and dimensions of a place. Favourite locations are frequently re-visited as the changing seasons alter the forms and palette, and new possibilities arise. Having directly experienced being in an environment, and recorded with drawings and photographs, Colleen makes a series of related works aroused by her feelings for that place.