Edith Pargh Barton BA

My work is rooted in observation of the world around me.  There is a warmth and humour in my paintings and sculptures that reveal a joy in playing with paint and fabric, a delight in the unusual; of existing between the real and the imaginary.

My textile sculptures have human-like qualities that people connect with emotionally and respond to on a profound level.  My abstract paintings depict landscapes that are familiar yet strange; they are journeys into a dream-like place created out of personal memories.

The paintings contain stitch-like marks and staccato tacks, scratched into thick layers of paint.  Similarly, the surface of my sculptures are built using applique and hand and machine stitching that echo the mark making in my paintings.  I welcome the influence of one art form on the other.

Web: www.edithparghbarton.com

Email: edith@edithpb.com