Esther Clark

I am a Member of the Society of Architectural Illustrators. I love drawing and stitching House Portraits, followed closely by drawing and stitching anything else!  

I have always been creative and have tried all sorts of techniques, but always go back to textiles and pen-and-ink. I started making my own clothes before I was in my teens and quickly moved on to more creative stuff where I could indulge in more creativity. Even if Punk was all the rage, I wasn’t outrageous enough to be part of that scene. It was also (partly) why I didn’t go to Art School, but ended up working for various airlines.  Eventually my creative streak got the upper hand; having a little daughter was one reason, living on a farm with all sorts of animals getting themselves into funny situations was another. I started telling stories through detailed pictures. In the 1990’s there was the rage of those 3-D images and I wondered if I could achieve that effect in fabrics – I could!  Abstracts images and portraits in patchwork followed, and that led to ‘painting’ houses in fabrics. I love to put in lots of detail. I’ve also enjoyed making colourful practical items. House portraits (or car portraits!) I make to commission, using the client’s hobbies, job, interests to personalise them. And I make customised Christmas Cards – so enjoyable!

I relish my arty activities as a hobby – and it’s a fabulous way to support charities that are close to my heart. Over the years I have supported Cancer Research UK, Mesothelioma Research, and Medical Detection Dogs.

Are you interested in seeing your house in fabrics? It makes a wonderful gift. Or perhaps you’d like to sew your own Jewellery bag or House Portrait – do contact me for a workshop on this, or any other sewing topic.

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