How Horsham Artists is run

We have a committee, with all of the sorts of posts and areas of responsibility one would expect to see on a committee – Chair, Treasurer, Secretary etc. The Horsham Artists Committee maintains an oversight of the group’s activities and seeks to act in the best interests of the members.

However, the Horsham Artists Committee sees itself as enacting one further role. Through Horsham Artists self-managing, team-based structure, the Committee works to further enhance the range of the members’ skills by enabling groups to self-manage projects and areas of our work.

It is our aim to move away from the more traditional model of a ‘Committee who does it all’ and are constantly looking for volunteers to help, to one where the Committee supports its members to develop and run our projects with the Committee providing an oversight and co-ordinating role.

We have divided our work into three strategic areas each managed by a self-managing team.

The Events and Logistics team focus on our exhibitions and the identification of new exhibition opportunities.

The Communications and Marketing team look after the management of the website, our social media pages and the publication of our newsletter, ‘Art Matters’. The team is also involved in press liaison and the design and printing of our marketing materials.

The Membership and Learning Events team focus on membership activities, membership applications and the range of Learning Events described in the ‘Meetings’ section above.

Through consultation with the Committee, these groups can co-opt individuals or groups both from within and beyond the HA membership to manage specific long and short-term projects and strategies. The Committee will also appoint ‘Honorary Members’, individuals who are not members but who have been specifically recognised as supporting the group on a long-term basis.

We see membership of these teams as a way of developing and enhancing individual skills, nurturing the whole group’s skills base as well as harnessing members’ knowledge and experience. Membership of each team is open to all members.

Each team has a Committee member as one of the group. However, this person should not be seen as leading the team but, rather, providing a link to the Committee

Getting elected to the Committee.

The committee is elected at the AGM. Members wishing to stand for the Committee should submit their names to the Secretary at least fourteen days before the date of the AGM meeting, proposed by one member and seconded by another.