Iris Bishop

Iris Bishop is an artist and designer with an innovative approach to textile design, combining weaving, knitting, knotting and other ‘sculptural’ techniques. She loves to incorporate new, vintage and re- cycled materials into her work, making every garment and accessory a unique ‘piece’. The Horsham Artists exhibitions present a wonderful opportunity to show seasonal collections of ‘one-off’ studio designs and experimental pieces, alongside her more classic range of garments.

Drawings and mixed-media pieces form an integral part of her design identity and include decorative framed pieces, plus an exquisitely detailed range of digitally-printed silk scarves. These printed designs combine elements from her drawings, paintings, photographs and imagery of her 3-D textile work. Their colour and image quality is exceptional, each item being individually printed and hand-finished. Commissions for individual garments are always welcome – each piece being customised to fit and suit clients in terms of style, size and colour, using high quality materials and with a professional finish.