Jan Paynter

Throughout my life I have always enjoyed sketching, drawing, painting and photography.

After taking early retirement, I attended and completed art course at college which inspired me to further my skills and begin painting full time.

Artists who inspire and whose style I admire are Constable, Joaquin Sorrello, Turner, J. Singer Sargeant, Monet and Van Gogh. Also, there are many living artists who’s work influence my art such as Hashim Akib and Kurt Jackson. 

Often a trip to an art gallery to view the work by other contemporary artists can inform and motivate me.

Traveling to many parts of the world over the decades has also influenced my choices of reference for what I paint.  In particular, landscapes and the sea have especially intrigued me. Nature’s palette seems endless with its contrasting beauty and changing light.  

My work is a way for me to share my view of the world through the medium of paint.  The canvas is my window to engage your imagination to stand with me in a safe place for a closer look.

Web: https://goo.gl/photos/HByJPak2U2VxkPE79

Email:  janispaynter@gmail.com

Tel: 07877 553517