Jane Cole

My name is Jane Cole and I live on the estate of St. Hugh’s Charterhouse near Cowfold, West Sussex. My husband works for this Catholic Carthusian order of monks and my family and I live in one of their tied properties. I have a home studio here, creating my glass using the flameworking method. This is where the glass is heated using a propane and oxygen mixed gas flame to its softening point of around 950 degrees C. I will move the glass in the flame, shaping and working it to my chosen design. Once the piece is finished I will anneal it in the kiln to de-stress the glass. This is a fairly new process for me as I originally trained and qualified with my degree in 3-D design in blown and fused glass in 1987. For many years I specialised in fused glass using a kiln to heat, fuse and bend glass but decided a couple of years ago to move to the more direct form of flameworking or lampworking as it is sometimes known.

My inspiration comes from the natural world and the beauty of nature. I am lucky to live in the countryside and not far from the sea so I find much all around to fire up my imagination. I love to re-cycle glass as much as I can. This can cause problems of compatibility but it gives me such joy to turn broken unwanted sheets and fragments of glass into something new and beautiful.

I use my glass creations to make items of jewellery but I also combine glass with waste and garden wire to produce decorative objects for the garden and home. I sell direct via art and craft fairs, galleries and my home studio but also have a web-site, Facebook profile and Etsy shop.

Web: www.janecoleglass.co.uk