Jeanette Mercer

As a high school student I spent every  moment  I wasn’t due to be elsewhere (and probably some I should have been elsewhere!) – in our school art rooms. I developed a love of drawing, printing, textiles and mixed media. As a 17 year old, in pre internet days, I didn’t know how you made a career of art unless you sold your paintings. So I went in a totally different direction career wise but always retained creative hobbies, trying many crafts over the years from making my own knitting patterns, to jewellery making, needle felting, block printing, watercolours amongst others.

After getting married our home decor became the focus of my creative energy, culminating in my re-training as an interior designer, which I’ve now been doing professionally for over 14 years. I re-awakened my love of printing and continued to play with watercolours. I love colour and pattern, which as an interior designer I’m happy to advise others on – yet for years I lacked the confidence to put my own artwork out there. A chance post on social media during the first pandemic lockdown led me to an online course which gave me the technical skills needed for surface pattern design and finally allowed me to put it all together. I am now designing patterns, based on my love of nature, mainly flowers and animals, some of which inhabit our garden. I started designing for fabric, but as I progress I am already seeing so many possibilities, it’s exciting to contemplate.

Tel: 07866 427557