During this period of social distancing, we are suspending any new membership applications until further notice.

Horsham Artists is a network of artists living or creating their art in the Horsham District.

We work in a variety of mediums and vary in styles and standard. Some are just discovering the joys of dabbling in paint or fabric, whilst others are professional or semi-professional artists. We aim to share information and ideas, give mutual support, and provide opportunities to exhibit and sell our artwork.

Annual Art Trail and Annual Art Fair

We have established two main events each year The Horsham Artists Contemporary  Art Trail that take place during the first two weekends of June and The Horsham Artists Contemporary Art Fair in October.

Only Full Members of Horsham Artists can participate in the Contemporary Art Fair, but a FRIEND members and FULL MEMBERS can partake in the June Horsham Artists Trail . Because of the amount of organising and work involved interested artists will need to register their interest in taking part well in advance. Email is the main way of keeping in touch with what is going on, and networking with other Horsham Artists members and Friends as well as attending the monthly meeting.

Regular Meetings

We meet up about once a month usually on a Monday evening in the Lounge at the Methodist Church, London Road, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1AN.

We are a self-help group so the proviso of joining Horsham Artists that you help out where you can during the year and share the work load of running the meetings, setting up and putting on events and helping with fundraising and other tasks that need to be done for such a group to run smoothly.

Roles and Responsibilities’

Each year roles, both lead and support, are re-allocated so the load is shared. The roles each artist performs are listed in a column within the Network list XL file sent at intervals to all Horsham Artists. Both written guidance  and support from other Horsham Artists who have already done the task, are there to ease you into the new role. So all will feel supported. Over the course of the year requests will also be made for help to support those taking on these roles. We have no ‘experts’;  we all learn as we go along and build on information and results of previous years.

Our year runs 1 January to 31 December. We ask for an annual fee ( £15 for 2020) from each artist for the year to go toward venue hire cost and insurance for the venue for meetings.

Horsham Artists Social Media

As well as the Website where artists are invited be represented on, Horsham Artists have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Criteria for membership

All Full Members and Friends must live or create their art in the Horsham District.
Both Full Members and Friends must be 18 years of age or over.
Check the map to see if you are eligible.


  • The subscription for a Full member for 2020 is now £15. PA.
  • Anyone joining for the first time, or after a break from membership, will be required to pay a £15 joining fee as well as the annual fee. As a current full member, you are NOT required to pay the joining fee.
  • As a Full Member, who has been a full member for the previous full year, you will be eligible to apply for a stand in the 2020 Art Fair.(subject to stand availability)
  • Anyone joining now for 2020 as a Full Member will NOT be eligible to apply for space in the Horsham Art Fair until 2021.
  • In keeping the ethos of the group, a s a Full Member, you are expected to support the groups through volunteering for some role during the course of the year. There are many tasks that need to be covered. Please ask the Committee or speak up during a meeting to ask what you can do.
  • As most request for support and volunteers are made during the Monthly meeting, it is imperative that a Full Member attends regularly. To this end, with certain exceptions such as work constraints, a Full Member who misses three consecutive meetings, will be deemed to be unable to fulfill the Full Membership criteria, and will have their Full Membership changed to that of a Friend Member.
  • Full Membership is currently closed, but you are invited to become a Friends Member;


  •  The 2020 Fee for a Friend is £10 PA with no joining fee.
  •  A Friend Artist can participate fully in the annual Horsham Art Trail.
  •  There is no obligation on a Friend Artist to volunteer for a role, but any support they can give will be very much appreciated.
  •  Friend Artists are very welcome to attend the monthly meeting and social events, and are not subject to any penalties for missing meetings.
  • Friend Artists are not eligible to register for the Art Fair, but should a space become available after all eligible Full Members have been offered a chance to take a stand, Friend Artists who wish to participate may be allowed to do so based on when they joined the group.( and subject to stand availability)
  • A friend can become a Full Member as and when numbers allow, and would be expected to make up the difference of the Joining Fee and Full Member Fee for that year ( or corresponding proportion of the year in question)
  • A Friend is not entitled to take a stand in the Horsham Art Fair, but may be invited if space allows.
  • A Friend does not have to attend a minimum number of monthly meetings to fulfill membership obligations
  • A friend is not obliged to take on a voluntary, supporting role

During this period of Virus Social Distancing we have suspended any new membership applications.

Please come back and apply when the situation returns to normal.



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