Kenneth McIntosh

The visual and aural world does inspire me to paint, to light-up. I attempt that other may also find something in my light-seeded work to contemplate over and share these blessings that I receive and cherish. I mainly use acrylic as a medium and sometimes for sketching, pastels, charcoal and lead pencils.  Nature is a big part of what I find to be soothing and when I am painting, the subconscious kicks-in leading me to into a state calm mindfulness. 

Many of my artists’ friends have been instrumental in my journey of observation, analysis, and enjoyment which over for half a century has allowed me to develop the artist within me from sketching to painting.  To all of them I am grateful. It continues to be a joy to see my artist friends and others flourish in their self-expression. Thus, when asked, I am most content to impart what knowledge I have through my own experience if this helps others on their own journey of discovery. 

To find that my works are sought after and are hanging in unexpected places in the UK and abroad of course adds to my enthusiasm to keep going as does the opportunities to offer some of my works for raising money towards charities and worthwhile courses.  The icing on the cake is that of participating or engaging with others, whether they are in art societies or not, on this something that’s mostly creative, contemplative and peaceful.