Kezia Noel-Paton

I am a painter living in Sussex and much of my work is of landscapes, seascapes and natural objects sometimes veering towards fantasy or abstraction.

I have always loved painting, but family commitments and General Practice meant that for many years it had to take a back seat. However, since retirement there has been time to enjoy and develop my skills, and with the array of different painting materials now available I am free to experiment. In many ways I feel I am still going through my ‘student’ phase of discovery and have no wish to settle yet into a specific ‘genre’!
I use many media and especially enjoy mixed media, experimenting with unexpected effects as in acrylic flow paintings. YouTube is a great source of ideas and techniques – some media, such as Pebeo Moon and Fantasy paints, almost paint themselves into tiny pictures with a little tweaking.

Images from travel and my long association with the coast and mountains of North Wales often creep into my work, but with the former becoming difficult I have had to draw more on imagination, often starting a painting with loose random marks or layers of paint – playing with these – leaving it to stand – turning it about – until something seems to appear – then working further – scraping it down – re-working, etc. The result may suggest to me an imaginary land- or seascape – to be further elaborated and worked upon.

I have exhibited at The Mall Gallery, The Ox Market Chichester, and with the Association of Sussex Artists.

A selection of my work can be seen on my website, and I am always happy to welcome those who wish to my home near Horsham.



Tel:      01293 851578