Louisa Venables

Immersing myself in painting lifts my spirits. After years of not creating due to unsuitable accommodation and not having adequate space, the global pandemic prompted me to ignore these obstacles and get painting again.

Colour is one of my best friends and I like to experiment with techniques that throw up colourful surprises – often combining and mixing shades I wouldn’t have immediately opted for.

Primarily my work is made using acrylic and oil paints on canvas but often I incorporate additional materials such as pastels, markers, silicone, texture paste, gold leaf.

I enjoy finding out what others see when they look at my work. I find my style of painting conjures up different feelings in people and I love to hear what they see, good and bad.

Overcoming the constraints of space is one thing but I have to acknowledge a very patient partner helps!

Email: Louisa.venables@gmail.com

Tel: 07392 304267