Pat Wright

A mahogany pallet, a small pallet knife and Adrian Hill’s book ‘The Beginners Book of Oil Painting’ are pretty much the only childhood possessions that have stuck with me.  Subconsciously I must have known that I would one day be drawn back to capturing my world in this elusive but very compelling way.

Some of my recent inspiration has come from Antony Gormley’s vast installation ‘Another Place’ on Merseyside, which has fond and very personal memories for me. The panorama and uniformity of the planting in our local vineyards and the kitchens at Petworth House have also caught my imagination and I like finding  more expressionistic ways to put another slant on my themes.

I have come to enjoy exhibiting my work and it’s a special feeling when a piece strikes a chord with someone else.  This year I am donating 25% of any of the commissions and sales that I achieve to the Aldingbourne Trust which supports over 1000 people with a learning disability and or autism.  What started as a lock-down project has now become my main reason to make art. 


Tel: 07904 369054