Paul Baden

Paul specialises in wood carvings made from layered woods. His recent lattice works examine the relationships of space and the interconnectedness of things.

His sculptures create intriguing three dimensional landscapes for the hand and eyes to explore. Art creations, that conjures up impressions of real and imagined places. 

Paul carves through the layers of wood to reveal the hidden beauty contained within. The carved layers remind him of contours on a map and he often exaggerates shaped to increase the interest in his sculptures.

He believes that art can and should be beautiful. Plywood is often thought of as a utilitarian building material lorded for its strength and uniformity. Paul could see the amazing possibilities of making sculptures from this wonderful medium.

Paul originally apprenticed as a cartographer, drawing maps of near and far away places. Over time the art of cartography became increasingly digital and Paul upskilled becoming a spatial analyst. Using data to find new ways of looking at the world, find how it’s connected and discovering answers to challenging questions. However, Paul needed the creativity and artistry back in his life. Who would have thought a simple DIY project at home using some plywood offcuts would be the start of his new career as a sculptor.

Paul can’t think of a better medium for a cartographer to use for art and has been exploring new ways to show off the beauty of this medium ever since. Paul Baden brings his cartographic experience of map making into his artwork.

Paul is based in Horsham where he has his own studio. If you are interested in commissioning a bespoke wood sculpture, then Paul is happy to discuss your ideas with you and explore the possibilities.



Tel: 07739 460 737