Penny Hart-Davies

My work over several years has been preoccupied with the natural world and ecological themes, whilst walking the rolling hills of the South Downs, through its meadows, woodland and onto the coast beyond, experiencing the changing flora and fauna. Taking photographs and gathering up specimens, my work goes beyond observation of physical walking scenes. I plan my starting point, but the actual brush strokes or scraping, take me on an intuitive journey with intent taking over when I stop to ponder.

I am a postgraduate trained artist/teacher, now working in mixed media and my daily walks translate what I see, using whatever mix of media seems appropriate. I work with acrylic for its tactile qualities, experimental watercolour for its appearance of texture, assemble discarded painted parts in order to jar the eye and use digital media for spontaneity, but also the ability to rework. Working with non-art media, I recycle everyday materials and gather up botanical specimens, pounding and scraping with apothecarial sensitivity and the tactile craft of creation.

See my work this June in the Art Trail, the exclusive Art Fair in October and Christmas Fair, with sumptuous wintry scenes.

The trail will send you on a journey of all that is floral and natural. Visit my painted take on daily walks, at Ash House, in Henfield, entitled Meadowland, based on grasses, seedheads and flora, against the stunning backdrop of the landscape outside.

You can also take a peek at my two other close-by venues, over the first weekend, as part of Henfield Garden & Arts Festival (HGA), coinciding with our trail, Gallery BN5, entitled Woodland Intricacy and find out about my art workshops/courses in and around Henfield at Corpus Christi Church Hall.

Wherever, you see my work, I will meet and greet you, explaining what’s behind the images.