Sage Ceramics

I first fell in love with ceramics in 2006 whilst living in Perth, Western Australia, where I attended a course called A Year in Clay, at Fremantle Arts Centre.  When I returned to the UK, my newfound passion came with me, and I now work from my home studio in the pretty village of Storrington, tucked under the South Downs.

Using predominantly stoneware and earthenware clays, my work is mainly wheel thrown, but I do occasionally create hand-built pieces or a combination of both.  Once I’m happy with the shape and form of a piece of pottery, I then decorate it with either coloured underglazes, or stoneware glazes; frequently leaving areas unglazed to add to the tactile quality of the piece.

My inspiration comes from the natural world around me.  Everything becomes a source of ideas – from a bumblebee in the garden to a walk along the beach.  Happily, there’s no end to the things that might inspire a new piece or collection. The process of creating ceramics fascinates me – experimenting with new shapes, forms, and styles in my studio, I can be absorbed for hours.  Ceramics teaches you to be mindful, to pay attention, and to observe details; being aware of the different nuances of the clay you are working with.  There are always new elements to discover and I am constantly learning and developing my craft.



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