Samsang Kelsang

Hi I am Samsang a painter and sketchbook artist. I was born in Rusper and left when I was 18 to follow my dreams…over thirty years later am back in the house I was born in! I joke but I have been blessed with a special life and its been a pleasure to come back to my roots.

Now living in the UK my palate and subject matter for my paintings has changed and its been a journey of discovery. Arriving with my five feline rescue cats, seeing them play in the idyllic countryside surrounding, and living a quintessentially Rusper life has provided me with an abundance of inspiration. My preferred medium is gouache and watercolour as they provide bright, clean colours with flatness and subtle texture.  I love to paint things that bring me joy of the everyday. Using everyday subjects, playing with composition, perspective and colour I hope to give the viewer an opportunity to become their own narrator of their own story.

My Sketchbooks are a key part of my painting process. Making my own sketchbooks means I have control over the paper. I use these for painting on walks and travels capturing native colours and atmosphere and vibe of the places I visit.

Visit my instagram to short reels of work in process and top tips for gouache and watercolour painting.